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On Site Crankshaft Grinding Services

On Site Crankshaft Grinding Services
On Site Crankshaft Grinding Services
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We have been working in the field of on site repair of crankshaft and in the Workshop over three decades, Our engineers are trained in crank shaft forging and crank shaft machining facilities based in Europe and U.S.A. We have the necessary expertise and experience to handle any nature of problem in the crank shaft.

Onsite Grinding of Crankshaft saves down time, cost and also eliminates the risk factors involved in transportation and handling of Crankshaft.

Insitu Grinding of Crankshaft is Undertaken by our trained and experienced technicians.

In situ Crankshaft Grinding Services are availed by leading Marine and Industrial Companies spread all over the world.

In situ Crankshaft Grinding Machine  

  • On site Inspection of crank shaft with appropriate Non Destructive Tests including hardness checking with portable hardness testing equipment, crack detection by Magnetic Particle Test (MPT). ). The Inspection Reports are prepared.
  • New generation in on site Crankshaft Grinding equipments can machine and polish in one setting itself as there is no need of separate tools for grinding and machining of Crank Pin and Main Journal of Crankshaft.
  • Onsite Crankshaft Grinding Equipment drastically reduces the set up time & minimizes the possibility of misalignment of Crank shaft & avoiding the need to set it up 2 or 3 times. 
  • We can under take in situ Crank shaft grinding from CR Pin dia of 50 mm upwards. Special purpose tooling can be designed in case of limitation of working space in engine block. 
  • In situ Straightening of Crankshaft is undertaken by pining process, this in situ  Crankshaft Repair saves Crankshaft from rejection. Technicians are specially trained for on site repair of Cranshaft.  
  • Trained, experienced engineers and mechanics skilled in the art of insitu crankshaft grinding execute the in situ repair of Crankshaft. 
  • Ready availability of tools and specifications for most engines to execute in situ crankshaft grinding.
  • On site Polishing of Crankshaft to remove Bearing line marks and Water marks. 
  • We take pride in accomplishing repairs of over 10,000 Crankshafts in India and abroad which includes insitu crankshaft grinding and crankshaft repair in our workshop.

In Situ Repair of Crankshaft is under taken for following: 

  • Compressor Shafts
  • Main engine Crankshafts 
  • Auxiliary engine Crankshafts 
  • Cylindrical Shaft and rotating shaft of mechanical equipments 
  • Turbine and Rotor Shaft

Main Features: 
  • Light weight portable Insitu Crankshaft grinding Machine is used for in situ repair of Crankshaft. 
  • Tolerance of CR Pin and Main Journal of Crankshaft is maintained strictly as per OEM Specifications. 
  • Technician accompany with senior engineer to plan and execute the job of Crankshaft Repair onsite. 
  • Portable testing instruments of latest technology used for on site inspectio of Crankshaft which covers Hardness check, magnetic particle test, deflection of crankshaft, dimensional inspection of CR and Main Journal of Crankshaft On site. 
  • In situ Grinding of Crank Pin & Main Journal of Crankshaft under taken
  • Reconditioning of Crankshaft on site under taken of all make and model of marine, main and auxiliary engine.


Grinding of Large Crank Pin & Main Journal dia of Crankshaft: 

  • In case of large diameter of Crankshaft, bearing width and high stock removal from the CR Pin, we suggest use of in situ grinding equipment which is placed on the fillet radius of the Pin as reference for the grinding stone. 
  • The in situ Crankshaft Grinding machine rotates around the Crank Pin at lower RPM, the grinding is carried out by pneumatic grinder operating with suitable grinding stone. This process of Reconditiong of Crankshaft is recommended only if radius profile is not worn out.